Company overview

Who We Are

Since it was established in 1990, Al- Rahma Company has accelerated to become one of the largest human resources consulting companies in the Middle East.

We work in all disciplines and sectors with a strong focus and experience in the following sectors: In the fields of medicine, engineering, administrative functions, restaurants, hotels, in the fields of procurement and sales, computer programmers and data entry all the security professions, guards, craftsmen, drivers, farmers and in the field of teaching and accounting.

We are distinguished and proud to apply a systematic and comprehensive approach to the recruitment demands of our valued customers by our company, which helps you to meet your own or limited needs in the field of human resources through the consultants specialized in our company.


There are many values that widely characterize the company of Al Rahma as well as our team: values as honesty, manners, integrity, moderation, hope, Confidentiality and faith. We believe that these values add a step to us.


To make the company regional in this area through the provision of global and locally known competencies this fills the gap between demand and supply.


We are looking forward to providing exceptional services to the Middle East in terms of our extensive experience in executive research, which is fulfilled in their fields and work.

Do you search for Recruitment advisor ranked the first?

Why Al- Rahma company on the front of recruitment companies?


  • Providing employment consultancy.
  • +28 Years of experience in this field.
  • We have international partners.
  • We have a data room up to ten thousand of those who want to work.
  • Publishing ads in official newspapers.
  • Supported by customer service, e-mail and messaging
  • Appointment of senior executives and avoid costly mistakes in recruitment using the comprehensive and customized assessment methodologies of our team of experts.
  • We take the burden from your HR department.
  • We work on the travel procedures for our clients in a timely manner.