Our Services

Why Deal With Us ?

  • Al-Rahma Employment Solutions provides employees in the Middle East and North Africa with various employment services that ensure that they meet the needs of the market.
  • We are professionally organized and provide a disciplined approach to each desired recruitment task and this is a key element to meet customer requirements and provide high quality workforce.
  • We can respond quickly to the needs of our clients from workforce by providing the right personnel.

As the recession grows, we are more aware of the need for an ideal and balanced team to succeed in order to stimulate the economic downturn, and we are helping you become a leader in changing this economic scenario.

Al-Rahma is the lifeblood of your workforce solutions and is committed to provide the best service for you.


  • Engineers in all fields
  • Doctors in all fields
  • Oil & Gas / Energy
  • Banking / Finance
  • Financial managers and accountants
  • Teachers (males & females)
  • Administrative and management positions
  • Computer programmers and data entry employees
  • Technicians in all fields
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Procurement and sales representatives
  • All craftsmanships
  • Vendors and salesmen
  • All security professions and guards
  • Drivers
  • Farmers
  • All professions of restaurants and hotels